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Member of the resistance disappears in Tela, Atlántida

Since Sunday, his family has not heard anything from the youth

The young Oslin Obando Cáceres (22), has been missing since Sunday, June 13 and his family fears that his life is in grave danger, because three weeks ago a man threatened to kill his father Eliodoro Cáceres, coordinator of the National Resistance Front, Tela, Atlántida, as the latter claimed. Oslin Obando Cáceres is works as a taxi driver, his family lost communication with him since 4:30 pm on Sunday and have not heard of his whereabouts, therefore they filed a complaint with the Public Ministry of the area on Monday June 14.

The taxi was found abandoned that Sunday around 6:30 pm, in the community of Los Cedros, which is why the suspicion increases that he has underwent serious damage to his physical integrity.
After the disappearance, the family has received two hoax calls, including one in which a person told them that he was in the hospital in Tela and another indicating that he was dead in the Community of Las Palmas, where some family members went to check, but it was not true.
Both Oslin as well as his father, Eliodoro, are active members of the resistance since the day of the coup on June 28 2009.
"I received a call about three weeks ago where a man through my cell threatened saying that he was going to kill me or my family," said the father of the affected to defensoresenlinea.com.
In the last days, repression against members of the People's National Front, FNRP, is increasing. Two weeks ago, Juan Ramon Flores member of the resistance in Comayagua, was kidnapped by masked gunmen who forcibly took him away from a tire shop where he was and took him to a solitary place where they threatened to kill him. In the end he managed to escape alive, given the nationwide alarm about his abduction.
On June 04, the car driven by Professor Carolina Pineda, attorney of the Teachers' Union of Middle School Education in Honduras, COPEMH, was sabotaged and one of the tires came off flying from the vehicle. This act did not achieve the goal of causing her death, actions which continued on June 10 when armed men chased her and shot that same vehicle, with the intention to stop her, but she again escaped the clutches of death.
On Saturday June 12 , gunmen fired at the union leader and member of the resistance, José Luis Baquedano, after following him on a minibus and as they approached him by a short distance they shot at them several times, the trade union leader managed to deviate from the road and escape the attack along with his family, who was also travelling in his vehicle to a place by the road that leads to the east of the country.

The Preventive Police attempted to stop Sergio Rivera, a member of COPEMH and active member of the resistance. A security guard called the police and told them the teacher was there and that he is a member of the resistance, the cries of the mentor who took the phone to call Radio Globo denouncing the action, managed to cause alarm and prevent his illegal detention.
Other trade union and resistance leaders like Carlos H, Reyes and Porfirio Ponce, both from the Union of Workers of the Soft Drinks Industry, STIBYS and Jaime Rodriguez, president of COPEMH, among others, have been victims of constant threats.
But there have been fatal acts against the lives of others who have been involved in actions against the coup, as in the case of Professor Manuel Flores, who was killed on March 23 at the Instituto San José del Pedregal, where the murderers came to kill him.
All these acts of violence against members of the People's National Front, have increased after a few days of holding various activities in connection with the condemnation of the coup, meeting a year of the action against the country's institutions.
Insecurity increased against the lives of the members of FNRP since the arrival of the current regime, whose Security Minister Oscar Alvarez, has said since he took office that the resistance had no reason to be and therefore had to be dismantled.

Source: http://www.defensoresenlinea.com - elquinceavopaso.blogspot.com

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