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Independence day: peak attendance, peak repression

Tegucigalpa: On independence day the marches started at 9 am at the upper end of boulevard Morazan, it seems that capital inhabitants are getting use to celebrate this day rendering homage to the dream of a really independent Honduras, as crowds are setting up attendance records nationwide, perhaps marches never seen in the history of the now 189 year old nation.
The Resistance movement, the biggest social movement Honduras have ever seen, is now much more structured and organized than one year ago when fighting the first episode of the back the gorillas, the people was still overwhelmed by then, now 12 months later the rampant counter attack from the grassroots is refining its strategies and aspirations in a very creative way. One could even see the march online from the FNRP’s website and watch great interviews taking place in the streets of Tegucigalpa with renown politicians and activist but also children and passersby.
San Pedro Sula: At around noon news started to arrive from San Pedro Sula, the industrial capital of Honduras, that massive repressions undertaken by the police were taking place at a venue where bands of the likes of Café Guancasco and Montuca Sound Systems were just started and where former first lady Xiomara de Zelaya was present. Several wounded have being reported and at this time, 2 pm, news are being awaited from people that were hospitalized in that city. The repressive forces also evicted employees at a local Radio Station (Radio Uno) by using teargas and hitting them brutally, they also destroyed musical instruments from the bands that were to play.
This puts in evidence the regime’s fear on events like this, taking place during meaningful days like this, full of identity and pride uprising like is happening in Honduras at present. Because the feeling itself Hondurans may now have on independence day is pushing the valve towards another way of thinking democracy and another way of rethinking people’s own freedom by themselves. From the view of the right the force of the arms seems their only way. Our new generation certainly understands better than ever why they were baptized as Gorillas back in the 70s.
This news is in development now.

Source: ResistenciaHonduras.net - elquinceavopaso.blogspot.com

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