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Siguatepeque police denounced for torturing and murdering youth, Orlando Mario Sequeira


This was the body of Orlando Mario Sequeira (34)
The families of the young Orlando Mario Sequeira (34) , who was a resident in the United States, are seriously affected. On Wednesday June 2, Sequeira was arrested, tortured and killed by police in the city of Siguatepeque, Department of Comayagua, in the central region . The lifeless body of Mario Orlando was delivered to his relatives in the Judicial Morgue of Tegucigalpa and the preliminary forensic report said he died from strangulation by having his trachea completely destroyed , but the body had also fractured arm and leg, and numerous bruises caused by heavy blows with blunt weapons such as rifles.

On Saturday June 5 in the morning
Francisco Javier Canales accompanied by Julio César Canales Martínez and Oscar Ramón Canales Martínez, (brother and uncles of the victim), came to the Area of Access to Justice of the Committee of Relatives of Disappeared Detainees in Honduras (Cofadeh) to report the crime.

Francisco Javier Canales, the victim's brother, told that this happened to his brother: "We have reached a stage of insecurity that even the police have murdered my brother, because I'm sure the police killed him" .
Canales narrated that on Wednesday, June 2 "they took him out alive from the hotel where he was staying and he was found dead. A relative was leaving the casino that is near the police station, which is less than half a block away. He saw when they (the police) took my brother inside the bed of the patrol and were hitting him "
A doctor at the clinic Munguía where police allegedly left the body of Mario l Orlando to try to mislead about the murder, said there was the youth was not assisted, because the boy was already dead, so right the removal of the body took place, but a guard at the clinic saw when the police arrived to leave the body there.

Francisco Javier Canales
The version of relatives and witnesses is that police arrested Mario Orlando Sequeira because he had drunk too much in the hotel Gomez, where he was staying and it had already been a week after he arrived from Denver, Colorado, United States to visit his family.
The police arrested the young man, handcuffed him and took him to a cell in the police station, located about 400 meters from the hotel, where he was savagely beaten and tortured to death.
It was reported that the officer in charge of the police operation was identified as Nazir Lopez, who clearly along with the troops under his command, violated established police procedures regarding the detention of a citizen.
Police did not give any explanation to the family and only referred to the prosecution of the area, where they were informed that Mario Orlando's body had been sent to the judicial morgue in the capital, said Francisco Javier (brother of Mario Orlando) who lives in Denver, Colorado, United States and decided to visit his family along with his murdered brother.
Mario Orlando visit his family in Siguatepeque every year. He was married to an American citizen and leaves a daughter. The youth had never imagined that this year he would encounter death in his own country and at the hands of police.
For his part Julio César Canales, the victim's uncle said when I came to Siguatepeque "the information I got was that police had arrested Mario and had taken him to the police station and then had come to throw him to the judicial morgue. "
"They captured him, they allegedly murdered him and the evidence he has, the signs of torture he has, only police uses chachas (handcuffs) and all that, they fractured his hand, foot, broke his trachea, beat him all up" he lamented.
Another relative, Oscar Ramón Martínez Canales said that we live in a critical state, no one guarantees the security to continue living normally, no one protects us.
Canales Martinez called the police action "cowardly and in my way of thinking, if no one supports us, we will take serious measures, because we cannot bear that our relatives are killed and that this becomes forgotten, because it is an unpunished crimewhat these guys did. "

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