lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

WOLA's hawks go a-editing

WOLA almost looked like it was turning a new leaf with its blog note a few days ago about a report from its "partners," a short list of NGOs, in which it appeared to link Lobo's government with ongoing human rights violations, and support the call for the Alternative Truth Commission and for a National Assembly (nothing about constituent or constitutional, but I was ready to give them the benefit of the doubt). This move away from promoting increased funding for death squads and toward acknowledging the roots of human rights violations was a welcome shift. In its May 10th post (see screen shots below), WOLA stated:

WOLA's Partners Issue Report Evaluating First 100 Days of Lobo ...
The Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) supports the work of its Honduran counterparts. In "Crisis Persists and National Problems are Aggravated after 100 Days of Governance," five Honduran NGO's denounce the continuity of human rights violations under the Lobo government. In the document, Grupo Sociedad Civil (GSC); Asociación de Organismos No Gubernamentales (ASONOG), the Consejo Hondureño del Sector Social de la Economía (COHDESSE), the Coalición Hondureña de Acción Ciudadana (CHAAC) and the Coordinadora de Instituciones Privadas Pro las Niñas, Niños, Adolescentes, Jóvenes y sus Derechos (COIPRODEN) support an Alternative Truth Commission, the call for a National Assembly and the establishment of a meaningful dialogue. The document can be found in Spanish here. [note- I've changed the link to a copy of the document on my own site to ensure it remains there]

Then sometime last night or this morning, the text changed. The new statement, which was pre-dated to the 10th and can be found (until and unless it changes again) here, reads merely:

WOLA's Partners Issue Report Evaluating Lobo's First 100 Days
WOLA counterparts release report on Lobo's first 100 days titled "Crisis Persists and National Problems are Aggravated after 100 Days of Governance." The document can be found in Spanish here.

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