lunes, 24 de mayo de 2010

Police arrest illegaly university student and resistance radio activist

Background: University student, Agner Erazo, is a member of the anti-coup university front FRU, part of the Collective of Radio Uno, an anti-coup radio station, which was closed and assaulted by the military during the Micheletti regime, whose staff as well as listeners have been previously and recently harassed and persecuted.

Andrés Pavón from the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights informs that the Student has already been released. Nevertheless, his life might still run risks and here is what happened:

A little while ago, the police of Trinidad Santa Barbara arrested young Agner Erazo, university student member of the University Reform Front (FRU) and member of the Radio Uno Collective. They are right now in Santa Barbara at the inaguration of a radio partnership between radio Uno and a local radio.
Julio Escoto, Armando Garcia and Helen Umana are at the place and at the moment there is a strong protest in front of the police facilities. There is a risk that police will repress demonstrators.

Police have acted presuming that they have stuck posters on walls and painted graffiti.

Comunicacion codeh.

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