lunes, 24 de mayo de 2010

List of Hondurans who are threatened to be killed for opposing the coup circulates

Members of the Syndicate of Workers of the University have released a list of people who could be killed by law enforcement agencies who carried out the coup last year.
Tegucigalpa . The Union of Workers of the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH) has urgently published a list where popular leaders and journalists appear who would be executed in the upcoming hours and calls on the authorities to take immediate action to prevent murders.
The list includes renowned Honduran activists against the coup, among others, journalists, coordinators and directors of media, teachers, members of boards, human rights defenders, renowned social leaders and members of the National Front for Popular Resistance (FNRP), as well as others who have had no opposition such as a pro coup radio journalist.
The sensible call, in general, imposes an investigation of the authorized institutions, since this may be a scenario to murder people who are not covered in this list that was released by the radio station Globo and delivered by the university union.
The list disclosed:
Juan Barahona
Rafael Alegría
Angélica Benítez
Félix Molina
Gonzalo Alvarado
René Andino
Marco Moreno
Rosendo García
Ariela Cáceres
Julio Otero
Marvin Ponce
Céleo Álvarez
Daniel Durón
DINA meza
Edilberto robles
Eduardo Enrique Reina
Guillermo Jiménez
Israel Salinas
Jari Dixon Herrera
José Luis Galdámez
Milton Bardales
Nathan Pravia
Nina Rivera
Alejandro Villatoro
Carlos Eduardo Reina
Rasel Tomé
Reina Rivera
Salvador Zúñiga
David Romero
Lidieth Díaz

Taken from El Libertador


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