lunes, 24 de mayo de 2010

FNRP - Public Statement No. 58

The National Front of Popular Resistance inform to the Honduran population and the international community:

1. The dictatorship headed by Porfirio Lobo on behalf of the oligarchy and imperialism, has unleashed a repressive crackdown through the Judicial Courts that try to silence any dissonant voice that points out the serious violations to Human Rights that are committed everyday in our country.

2. In the frame of increase of violence against the peaceful Resistance that is being developed by the Honduran people and against all forms of claim for popular sovereignty and justice, judges Ramon Barrios, Luis Chevez, Guillermo Lopez and magistrate Tirza Flores were dismissed from their positions, they are organized in Association of Judges for Democracy and they manifested against the military Coup that installed a de facto regime from June 28 until now.

3. On May 17 members of Association of Judges for Democracy and from Ample Movement for Dignity and Justice started a hunger strike to denounce the repression lived by all social sectors that claim democracy and justice, and to demand: a. that the Honduran State to assume its responsibility in human rights violations, b. that a restructuration of the entire judicial system, including the Supreme Court of Justice and the Public Ministry occurs and c. that the judges and the magistrate who were unjustly separated from their duties are reinstated.

4. With this attack the oligarchy consolidates an absolute control of the State, that is in turn an instrument that guarantees an unlimited source of wealth for a privileged minority that exploits workers and steals public goods. Once more, it is evident that the crisis in Honduran society, will only be overcome through the transformation of social relations of work and distribution of wealth and the replacement of corrupt institutionalism that defend the status quo.

5. The National Front of Popular Resistance manifests its entire support to the action undertaken by the Association of Judges for Democracy, and in this sense summon the Popular Resistance to retake the actions of daily mobilizations towards Plaza La Merced, where the hunger strike is installed. Likewise, we call the Honduran citizens to manifest its rejection to the regime, organizing actions of refusal where the presence of the toy of the oligarchy Porfirio Lobo takes place, in any part of the country.

6. We call upon the international community to maintain its position of non recognition of this oppressive regime which with its clumsy measures of military and judicial repression expresses its weakness and announces its definitive failure.

7. We reiterate that we have chosen the non-violent methods of struggle and that the first stop towards the restoration of democratic order and the construction of an egalitarian society is the establishment of a National Constituent Assembly with popular majority.

We resist and we will defeat!

Tegucigalpa, M.D.C. May 19, 2010

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