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Armed Forces denied participation in military intelligence report on the establishment of guerrilla in Bajo Aguán.

by Radio Progreso Honduras

El Progreso, Yoro.
The general coordinator of Via Campesina, Rafael Alegria said that after the publication of newspaper "La Prensa" regarding the Bajo Aguan agrarian conflict, he contacted military authorities, who denied having developed an intelligence report for publication in the newspaper based in San Pedro Sula.
On Monday, newspaper La Prensa published a 5 pages long report based on an alleged military intelligence report indicating that leftist movements plan to organize a guerrilla in a peasant farm in Bajo Aguan.
The case report also shows that farmers are arming under instructions from Rafael Alegria.
"The plotters intended to discredit groups and threaten the process of awareness and organization of our people to link us up with kidnappers, drug traffickers and that we are promoting guerrillas" reacted angrily Rafael Alegria.
He added that, after seeking the ruling military authorities in this regard, the spokesman of the Armed Forces of Honduras (Armed Forces), Colonel Ramiro Achiaga denied the existence of that report and announced that they will seek explanations from the written media.
Alegría said the security minister Oscar Alvarez is behind the process of criminalization of the agrarian conflict in Bajo Aguán to justify armed repression in the area.
Fuente: Radio Progreso - elquinceavopaso.blogspot.com

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