martes, 16 de febrero de 2010

Military and police of Miguel Facussé continue wounding and evicting violently campesinos out of their lands in Aguán

Comunicadores en Meza
The army and police evicted campesinos in Río Aguán, as a strategy to favour landlords Miguel Facussé, René Morales, and Reinaldo Canales.
More than 150 preventive police members and 100 army soldiers
By Dina Meza -
From December 2008 hostilities against MUCA farmers have increased, landowners Facussé Miguel René Morales and Gustavo Canales, have used the coup d'etat against President Manuel Zelaya Rosales, 28 June prior to generating violence and ignoring a commitment document signed between the organization, the agent and knowledge of landowners seeking to reclaim land from the State. In late January they carried out a violent eviction against those affected by a contingent of more than a thousand police and soldiers with security guards of the landowners, who staged a dogged pursuit against men women and children, arresting more than fifty men among them minors, who were taken to the Fifteenth Infantry Battalion, based in Trujillo, Colon. The COFADEH filed a habeas corpus to seek their release. But the lawlessness in which landowners manage strengthened by the actions of the repressive forces, judges and prosecutors remains on red alert to the peasants and farmers who say they will not leave the lands that are publicly owned. Jhony Rivas, a member of MUCA, told Friday morning armed men arrived in cars of Miguel l Facusséaccompanied by police and army soldiers, who proceeded to attack the peasants on the face and injuring Margarito Pedro Peralta and Paracho in the back. They were taken to hospital in La Ceiba and are in critical condition. They integrate MUCA groups that are on the right bank of the River Aguan in Colón. More than three thousand families are affected by this situation, to which the State has been dragging its feet with full guidance to favor landowners. Rivas reported that on Thursday night, a few hours after the farmers took up land, three helicopters flew over both banks of the River Aguan showing aggression to generate fear. The action came as the leaders of the peasant unions held meetings with Minister of National Agrarian Institute, Cesar Ham, with whom he agreed to resume the document signed by President Zelaya Rosales. He appointed a commission of measurement of land and a Law Commission. However, in meeting with Security Minister Oscar Alvarez, trying to stop the repression, the peasants told him that the violent actions of the police are detrimental to the personal security of the peasants. In response Alvarez said he could not disobey orders of the judges who ordered the evictions, however, that on several occasions officers have carried out the evictions without orders, but to support landlords who want to stay in the land, no matter the means. The struggle for land is causing problems in other areas, like Zacate Grande, which also maintains the landowner Miguel Facussé implemented terror supported by the repressive forces of the state.Police, governors, and judges conspire to affect thousands of families of farmers and fishermen in Zacate Grande

Heavily armed men along with police and soldiers arrived to attack and shoot peasants of the Unified Movement Aguán MUCA, who returned to their lands in the afternoon of Thursday, according to a complaint from one of its members, on Friday 12 February, at about six in the morning.

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