domingo, 20 de junio de 2010

Gay and LGTB Community: Target of persecution and attacks by government agents

by Marvin Palacios

Agents of the National Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DNIC) broke into the apartment where members of the LGBT community live
A group of young people from the LGBT community was attacked by two supposed criminal investigation agents in a clear act of homophobia and of political persecution against this group of sexual diversity.

Mario Calderón recounted that these two agents of the National Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DNIC) broke into the apartment he shares with other friends in the neighborhood Barrio Abajo in Tegucigalpa.

"They knocked on our door, said no more, came in, they put us against the wall, they attacked a comrade, beat him and asked us if we had something inside the apartment and we told him no," Calderon denounced.

He added that they told him to open the suitcases, to take out all the clothes and to spread them on the floor of the apartment. Afterwards, one of the officers noted that the complainant had a camera and asked him who owned the photographic device.

"I told them the name of the owner and he told me to show him an ID, then they raised the beds, they saw that we had nothing, then one of the officers looked at the wall where I have a blanket of the Revolutionary Left Movement ( MIR) and they threatened me. "

"They told me that poor little me, if I had something pending before the National Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DNIC), then something is happening that shouldn't be happening because they went to our room without a court warrant, they never even said they were from the DNIC, they didn't say their names nor show any plates, and this is an aggression that we received because it should not be happening, "Calderon said indignantly.

Apparently in the apartment building where the complainant and his companions live, there was a robbery and agents arrived to investigate the matter, but ignoring the procedures to require the citizenship.

"We call on the police, the DNIC and especially the Security Minister to please take a hand in the matter, as these people go on doing what is abuse of authority with us."

Asked if the police attack is due to political issues, Calderon said, "Well they came with the problem going on in the lower floor of the building where we live, where a robbery took place last night ."

Then supposedly they came to do a search "but when realizing that I belong to a range of organizations, and when he saw even a blanket of a leftist organization, then I think all this it is about another issue, detailed the youth.

Regarding a possible homophobic attack or political persecution for belonging to the People's National Resistance Front (FNRP), Calderon said that it took place in both ways, because we realize that all LGBT organizations in Honduras have supported the resistance and that's why the police regime here in Honduras becomes homophobic and they persecute members of our organization.

Marlon Calderon is a journalist of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Comunity which belongs to the People's Revolutionary Union (URP) and he is a member of the Association for A Better Life for People Infected and Affected with HIV / AIDS (APUVIMEH) and the Renacer Youth Group.

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