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Teacher of the COPEMH Teachers' Union escapes two assassination attempts in less than a week

Jaime Rodriguez, president of COPEMH, at the time when he filed the complaint to Cofadeh

Last Friday the steering wheel of her vehicle, from which a tire flew out, was changed around and on Thursday June 10 she was followed by armed strangers in a vehicle near Comayagua, from which she was shot twice, but courage kept Professor Carolina Pineda alive. She is the Attorney of the Teachers' Union of Middle School Education in Honduras, COPEMH.

Jaime Rodriguez, president of the abovementioned teachers' union, came today to the Committee of Relatives of Detained and Disappeared in Honduras, COFADEH and he denounced that there are repeated acts of aggression that have jeopardized the lives of both Pineda and him, who receives text messages with death threats at every moment.
The threats began a day after the murder of Professor Manuel Flores, who was murdered by strangers who fired several shots at him and came to kill him all the way to the Instituto San José del Pedregal in Comayagüela, where he worked as a counselor. See data.
Pineda travelled from the capital to celebrate the anniversary of Manuel de Jesús Subirana Institute in the northern region of the country, but when she passed along the detour of La Paz at about 6:20 am, a black car, double cabin without license plates drove beside the minibus she was driving, the car went back and then returned from where she was shot twice.
The skill and courage of Professor Pineda kept her alive because the strangers who drove in the car signaled her to stop, but she accelerated instead until she reached a house, leaving behind her vehicle to save her life. There she received the assistance of one of her colleagues from COPEMH.
The leader Jaime Rodriguez said on the attack that the intention is to get them out of the resistance against the coup, "but they won't be able to achieve it, even if we have to leave our blood on the road."
He recounted that before the attack, the teacher had received messages on her mobile phone and calls to COPEMH's landline telephone, where a man said they will kill her.
He detailed how he, too, has received death threats such as "you're going to turn up as a dog, filthy fifth class leader," "your days are numbered."
But the harassment does not stop there, it is common to see outside the COPEM cars with tinted windows and no license plates of people who are armed, we're used to seeing those people who always come despite the fact that it has already been denounced through the media.
On Friday June 4 , the new vehicle belonging to COPEMH driven by the same teacher suffered damage when she came to Tegucigalpa after participating in a meeting at the Instituto Manuel Bonilla de La Ceiba and leaving her car parked outside that school where it remained for a long time.
We have no doubt that those responsible are the state security forces, this is not the product of common crime, we teachers are not rich nor have enemies because our work is more social than anything else, those who have clubbed us, gassed us are the state security forces, charged Rodriguez.
Although meetings have been held with the regime of Porfirio Lobo to tell him that the body of teachers doesn't want to be confronted, neither on the streets nor permanently attacked by the police. Things have not improved despite the formation of a committee that would meet the demands of COPEMH, composed of Rafael Leonardo Callejas, Leonidas Rosa Bautista and Roberto Martínez Lozano.
The first meeting with the commission would have take place on March 24 but it wasn't carried out because strangers killed Manuel Flores. Afterwards, we met with the president of the National Congress and on the next day the education minister fired 10 department directors. Last Thursday we held a meeting with the president of the republic and on Friday colleague Carolina Pineda suffered an attack, said the complainant.
The human rights violations are the order of the day, this action is the product of state security, but this cannot discourage the teachers to continue seeking a better future for the country, he said.
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