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Murdered by death squads: Brother and a brother-in-law of top-level official in the Zelaya government

Red Morazánica de Información
Tegucigalpa. May 27, 2010. A brother and a brother-in-law of Arcadia Gomez, who was minister of social affaires in the government of Manuel Zelaya, were "executed" in Colonia La Travesía at six in the afternoon yesterday, informed Andrés Pavón, president of the Committee for Human Rights in Honduras (CODEH) to Radio Gualcho.
Pedro Antonio Gómez, was the brother of Arcadia, and Oscar Tulio Martinez, was her brother-in-law . Both were "victims of death squads, who were in a car and shot at them," said Pavon.
Both demonstrated against the coup, Arcadia is an active participant, Oscar Martinez was an agent of the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DGIC), according to reports.
The president of CODEH revealed that in the previous night, in Colonia Las Crucitas, "there were some shots fired in front of Gomez's home, which remain embedded in the wall of a home [during the event] and which killed a person not yet identified , and two children were injured. "

Masked men had entered before the house of Arcadia Gomez's mother, and were asking for her. Gomez has been "watched, persecuted, harassed and threatened by telephone,"CODEH explained afterwards.
Arcadia Gomez has precautionary measures by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), but they have not been put into effect because they are directed to the Court and the legislature, not to the executive, nor the petitioners, CODEH questions.
Pavón revealed: "We have information that some groups are articulated within the state security forces, which are still persecuting political opponents of the regime [de facto successor] and provide information to business groups."
He stated that "a meeting in Hatillo took place, in a house of a person whose last name is[...] whose name I will not reveal for now. But they abide by entrenched power sectors. There was a discussion between business and military forces, [because] some [who met] are opposed to the execution of certain people. "
For Andrés Pavón, that means that they know who are the ones and how they are executed [the victims], they discussed the names of people who are human rights [defenders], seek to eliminate living witnesses, and those who have been slandering directly, to prevent them from informing The Truth Commission (CV), " he analyzed.

At all costs, a "macabre" plan
According to Pavon's reasoning, "This is showing us even more that what we said is so true. They believe it is possible to continue murdering the leaders, because there is impunity. They have already been recognized [the regime] by the United States, Canada and Japan, [...] have retaken popular discourse [...] and they could even accomplish their idea [of those who control the State] of a constituent. "
He stated that "We are under the control of special interest groups who control state functions. They have names, police, military as well as businessmen. "
In the expression of Pavón, "This is not a violent people, who they attack. It is a peaceful people and they have that advantage, it is because they are not going to respond with violence [to the attackers], but with stoicism and nobility ", he added.
"It's too much. This group is too extreme! " exclaimed the president of CODEH.
Regarding a meeting he held with the Security 'minister', "he asked me to take the evidence [of the charges], I told him that he knows more than Pavon, because [he] has the research apparatus. Start the investigations and stop the criminal escalation, "he demanded.
"The last option [they would use] is to use gang members and looking for scapegoats, they're going to capture them, they're going to present them as responsible for the crime and then they will be executed," expanded the human rights defender.

Andrés Pavón, shocked, concluded: "It abides by a macabre plan, we have nothing left but the truth. They count with police, prosecutors, and judges and they can do whatever they can think of to us, only the truth remains with us, the word and the context of human solidarity, outside of these borders. "

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