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Marked repression and death is experienced by the resistance at the end of the first half of June

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Tegucigalpa. June 16, 2010. A wave of siege and harassment-mortal, in some cases, have been lived in recent days by several members of the National Front for Popular Resistance (FNRP) in Honduras, which endured armed attacks on their vehicles, attempted kidnappings , or murder, according to the complainants themselves.
The rushes of violence have increased consecutively, one after another, between June 10 and 15, in which, at least reported, two in one day took place, Thursday 10 and Saturday June 12, 2010. All the victims had suffered before verbal threats via cell phone and various acts of intimidation.
The pattern of events suggests a systematic action of special forces. The President of the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CODEH), Andrés Pavón, said that in Honduras there is a "Colombianization" [comparative form of violence in Colombia] promoted by para-business groups.
He said that in the cases of Carolina Pineda and Luis Baquedano to monitor vehicular movement and persecute them, "a chip could have been installed" inside their cars. And that, in the CODEH, "we have fully identified the ones who have attacked collaborators"of that organization.
He was firm in asserting that the "Secretary of Security is controlled by organized crime" and is supported by "money from governments like Spain." Yesterday they gave 45 million lempiras for local security project in the mayoral and NGOs, at a cost of up to 300 thousand each, according to the Interior and Justice Ministry.
On Tuesday 15 June, at night, the former Minister of the exiled president, Manuel Zelaya in the National Program for Sustainable Rural Development (PRONADERS), Luis Rolando Valenzuela Ulloa, was assassinated in a restaurant in San Pedro Sula, by businessman Carlos Alberto Yacamán Meza, fugitive, according to the police spokesman.
Although the police describe this and other assassinations as non-political, and in view they attempted to conceal the name of the perpetrator, the DGIC (General Directorate of Criminal Investigation) was already investigating Yacamán for "murder and threats" and links him to "situations complicated by illegal activities," revealed another policeman.
On Monday June 14, 2010, early in the morning, Sergio Armando Rivera Martínez, professor and vice president of the Center for Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture Victims and their Families (CPTRT), suffered an attempt of arbitrary detention by a man and a woman, guards of the Social Security Institute (IHSS), while he tried to transport the patient, Oscar Armando Padilla, to the Hospital Escuela.
Rivera complained to the Ecumenical Centre for Human Rights of CLAI, that a policeman, brought by two IHSS security agents tried to arrest him they confirmed answering the question of the police, whether he was in the Resistance. The agent intended to force him to "come with him" without any cause, for which Rivera was screaming to alarm that they were trying to take him who knows where.
This caused that the security group that harassed him called upon another policeman, who was not carrying his name plate, and announced to him that he was detained. And when he tried to get near him to "reduce me to impotence", a stranger woman asked the police to withdraw because they disturbed the peace of the hospital. Another officer, from the entrance," asked those who tried to kidnap me to leave, "he recounted.
On Sunday June 13, the young taxi driver, Oslin Obando Cáceres, disappeared. His family lost contact with him since 4:30 in the afternoon, and his taxi was found two hours later, abandoned in Los Cedros. The family fears for the life of Oslin, because three weeks ago a man threatened to kill the latter's father, Eliodoro Caceres, Coordinator of the FNRP in Tela, Atlantida, which he denounced to the Committee of Relatives of Detained and Disappeared in Honduras (COFADEH).
On Saturday 12 June, Ruy Diaz, of the FNRP coordination, along with Germain Zepeda, president of the Coordinator of Banana Unions of Honduras (COSIBAH), and Hector Garcia, from the Resistance of Choloma Cortes, were arrested by Police on charges of "prohibited graffitti", while participating in a National Front meeting in Siguatepeque.
On Saturday June 12, at night, the prosecutor of the United Confederation of Workers (CUTH) and FNRP leader, José Luis Baquedano, was intercepted by a gray minivan with tinted windows and men armed with pistols, who fired from inside against the vehicle in which travelled: Baquedano, who managed to escape, a son, a daughter and three grandchildren. No one was hurt.
Previously, they had been presecuting him from his house to near a mall. Then he was arrested by police, who accused him of being the shooter, which favored the attackers to escape. He denounced having been threatened by phone and his house is watched by strangers.
On Thursday June 10, afternoon, Porfirio Ponce, FNRP departmental coordinator and vice president of the Union of Workers of the Allied Beverage Industry(STIBYS), was ambushed by two men who got out of a vehicle after stopping at a traffic light and who fired 42 shots at the car in which Ponce, his fathe, with the same name, and his wife, Griselda Ponce were travelling.
n the attack, they killed the driver, Oscar Molina, brother-in-law of Porfirio Ponce, and the father and the wife of the latter were wounded .
During the same June 10, after six in the morning, the prosecutor of the central executive committee of the Teachers Union of Middle School Education in Honduras (COPEMH), Carolina Pineda, escaped safe after four masked men attempted to kidnap her when she travelled to Comayagua up to the detour to La Paz.
The harassers got out of a black car, double cabin without license plates, which stopped alongside the minibus she was driving, they left and returned, from where they fired bursts twice, as COPEMH President, Jaime Rodriguez denounced .
In addition, on Tuesday 01 June, after three in the afternoon, the leader of FNRP, Juan Ramon Flores, from Comayagua city was abducted in the vicinity of Siguatepeque by six hooded gunmen aboard a vehicle, our remained inside and two got out, then they took him away at gunpoint. They left 14 people tied up inside the to the tire shop from where they abducted him .
He revealed that they forced him five hours to be on his knees, hands to his head, while they pointed a gun at him and allegedly wanted to kill him. He managed to escape, said the CODEH.
Flores, who was a candidate for deputy of the Liberal Party of Comayagua, said the kidnappers were military and police and one of them was identified as an agent of the National Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DNIC), while passing through police checkpoints.
According to Luis Baquedano, several leaders of COPEMH and STIBYS were threatened to death and were subject to attempted murder. On May 28, 2010, Carlos H. Reyes, a member of the FNRP directive, revealed he is receiving death threats.

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