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Clandestine Guerrillas prepared by U.S. in several countries, including Latin America

By Diana Canales

Red Morazánica de Información
Tegucigalpa.07/05/2010. The Venezuelan-American writer, Eva Golinger, said in an article written by her published today, that Erik Prince, the chairman of the security firm, Blackwater, unveiled plans to "run clandestine guerrillas recruited by the United States (U.S.), in several countries the world, "including Latin America.
According to Golinger, U.S. also maintains contracted with Blackwater and similar companies, about 500 Latino mercenaries or who speak Spanish, "permanently ready to run covert operations in Latin America."

Of the 500 mercenaries a special team is "dedicated to Cuba as part of efforts of Washington to promote a 'regime change' and a 'transition' in Cuba", she said.
Golinger, said in her article entitled "The Secrets of Blackwater," Erik Prince, the chairman of the mercenary company, Blackwater, would reveal " plans to run covert wars in several countries of the world ", according to newly discovered recordings by American researcher, Jeremy Scahill.

The investigator explains that in the recording, Prince says that "Blackwater would send armed mercenaries hired by the U.S. government to combat" terrorists "in Nigeria, Yemen, Somalia and Saudi Arabia" to "combat the influence of Iran in the region. "

Prince also says in the recording, that the clandestine operations
by Blackwater contractors currently are conducted through four military bases of "Advanced operations" which "we equipped and managed" in the north, south, east and west of Afghanistan.

Blackwater's covert operations in Pakistan are funded by the Pentagon and the CIA, simulated as part of the "war on terror" and have been officially denied by Washington, Golinger states.

It violates the Geneva Conventions and international law on armed conflict, that a private company operates military bases in another country in war contexts. But U.S. keeps contracts with Blackwater since 2002 for more than two billion dollars, she concludes.

Source: Red Morazánica de Información ,

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