domingo, 23 de mayo de 2010

157 Minors Murdered in Lobo's Administration

EGUCIGALPA - According to a report of the humanitarian organization Casa Alianza a total of 157 children and youngsters were murdered in Honduras since President Porfirio Lobo took office.

The document states that the execution of minors constitutes a tragedy in Honduras and adds that the violence got worse after the coup against President Manuel Zelaya past June 28.

Last year Casa Alianza registered 549 homicides against children and youngsters in this country.

In spite of that sector is one of the most vulnerable and deserves special protection of the State, after the firs four months of Lobo government a high number of minors live in extreme violence.

Lobo took office in January 27 after winning elections, questioned elections by the international community, due to they took place under a facto government.

The increase of insecurity has been one of the characteristics of this government and, according to records published, at present the homicides average is of 14 per day and 400 per month.

Casa Alianza assists at present 1,500 children and teenagers through programs and projects aiming training, rehabilitation and social reintegration

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