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Statement FNRP Colon, Aguan Valley

FNRP Colon
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From the National Front of Resistance in the Department of Colon, Aguan Valley, Honduras, to the Honduran people and human rights organizations at the national and international level:

1. On Tuesday May 18th of the current year, the military commanders of the National Preventative Police, the Puerto Castilla naval base, the Fifteenth Battallion, representatives of the large landowners, Miguel Facusse, Reinaldo Canales and Rene Morales, together with some individuals believed to be businessmen from the municipality of Tocoa, Trujillo, Saba, Sonaguera and Bonito Oriental, met in the city of Trujillo with the aim of discussing mechanisms to eliminate leaders of the national front of resistence in the region of Aguan, the Campesiono Movement of Aguan (MCA) and the Unified Campesino Movement of Aguan (MUCA).

2.In the meeting a list of 36 leaders was presented for whom the landowners would pay a sum of 11 million lempira {Honduran currency} not including the large quantity of vehicles that they have already given to the police and military of the region.

3. The military and police continue to be in the region of Aguan and during the week of May 11-16 an additional quantity of members of military inteligence and the Honduran Air Force arrived in the region accompanied by military of COLOMBIAN ORIGIN.

4. They are carrying out undercover operations of the hired assasin type , using the profile information gathered by photographic cameras, video cameras and direct surveillence of leaders, acts that have been dennounced to human rights organizations in the previous weeks.

5. We hold the landowners of the zone, law enforcement, and the national army responsible for what may happen to the peoples' leadership in this region in the north of Honduras.

Here in Aguan No One Surrenders
May 22, 2010 - Tocoa, Colon,Honduras

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